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The 2022 Alpine shootouts race to select the Maine EHSC Alpine team will be held on Sunday, February 20th at Black Mtn.  Times an details to come later.


New Rules adopted for the 2022 Alpine Shootouts:

1. As always, to qualify for the shootout, an athlete must have either been on the team the previous year (that would mean 2020's team as there was no team or Eastern High School Championship a year ago due to Covid) or finish in the top 15 in either event at their respective state championship. 
2. In addition, for this year only, any senior this season, who competed in the shootout as a sophomore, will also be granted automatic participation in the shootout this year regardless of how they place in this year's state meet events.  
3. As a reminder and as part of this year's approved proposal, any athlete that only qualifies for the shootout via an automatic process (was on the state team in 2020 or is a senior this year and participated in the shootout as a sophomore) and not via their results at this year's state meets, will run at the end of the run order at the shootout.  
Note this approved revision does not pertain to any freshman that participated in the 2020 shootout as they have this year and next as opportunities to participate in and qualify for the Maine State High School Alpine Ski Team.  




General Alpine Shootouts Info:


Eastern High School Championship Qualifier Information
February 20, 2022 @ Black Mountain
1. If an alpine racer (Male or Female) comes in the top 15 in either discipline
(Slalom or Giant Slalom) at their respective state meet (class “A”, or “B”)
they may attend the qualifier for a chance to make the state team and
represent the state of Maine at the Eastern High School Championships.
2. The run order for the Qualifier is determined by the results from the state
meet. 1st place slalom “A”, 1st place slalom “B”, 1st
place GS “A”, 1st place GS “B”, 2nd place slalom “A”, 2nd
place slalom “B”, 2nd place GS “A”, 2nd place GS “B”, and so on.
3. The actual times are TBA, but the rough schedule is: Two runs of GS in the
morning and two runs of slalom in the afternoon.
4. The state team is determined by the following: We take the best GS place and
add it to the best slalom place. That will be the athletes score for the day. E.g. if
an athlete gets a 6th place on the first run of the GS and a 10th on the second
run, we take the 6th place as 6 points. If that same athlete got a 4th on the first
run of the slalom and a 12th on the second run we would take the 4th as four
points. Add the best GS place and the best slalom place, that athlete would
have a final score of 10 points for the day. Any ties we go to the athletes third
best place.
5. The state team is made up of 12 males and 12 females with no alternates.
6. Athletes should only come to the qualifier if they are serious about joining the
state team.
7. The EHSC is being held at Attitash Mountain, on March 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th.
Thursday, the 3rd is a training day. Women & Mens Slalom on Friday 3/4.
Saturday, 3/5 is Women's GS, Sunday 3/6 is Mens GS.
8. Each athlete should come to the qualifier ready to write a check for $535
made out to Mark Cyr. The cost this year has gone up, because Attitash entry
fees are considerably more expensive.
9. The cost covers race fees, jackets, and to help defer the hotel costs for the
10. The cost for the qualifier itself is $40. Checks made out to Black Mountain.
11. If an athlete was a member of the state team last year, but did not come in
the top 15 for either event at their state meet, they get an automatic bid to the
qualifier, and will run at the end of the order.